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Wordpress like extensions

On 06 May 2015, at 04:32, zhaoqian chu wrote:
I am a fan of wordpress!  [ really ? ]

Extensions and extension is very important to me!
The hope can give me some simple descriptions ^-^
models ?  controllers ? 

Cody allows 3 kinds of WordPress like “extentions”
- adding views: creating *.ejs files, coupling them to a template and your set.
  you can embed JavaScript code and change the layout as much as you want.
- adding content types: if you have data that you want to be rendered 
  in a very specific way or do pre-processing on it.
  Add content
- adding your own controller and view: the most flexible way.
  you decide what is fetched from the database (in the controller),
  you can add actions (handle form submit, url’s, buttons, …)
  and you can provide your own view templates.
  Add controller