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De Home en Not Found pagina

Q: How does Cody decides which page to show when you surf to the website with language, id or short link?

A: Cody listens for URL's like: -[language] -[language]/[id or short link]

  • if no language is specified, Cody goes to the default language as defined when you started your app.
  • if no short link of id is provide, Cody tries to find a page with the short link "welcome"
    by default this is the short link of your home page.


Q: What does Cody do when the surfer specified an URL where no page exists?

A: Cody tries to serve you the not-found page, if no not-found page defined, it will serve the home page.

  • If there is a language in the faulty URL, Cody will go to[specified language]/notfound
  • if no language is found[default language]/notfound is tried.

Remember the short links can be given to a page under the "SEO" tab.