Cody CMS
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Dieter started Cody development as an student between his 2nd and 3rd year Applied Computer Science.

Picked up quite fast and made the first stock of our documentation pages + a few demo websites.

And I'm sure once Dieter will see the picture we've found from him on the internet, he'll post a new one asap...


Jelle is our web architect. He makes us do the right things and manages to make our work look good too. He is a wonderful designer with great insights on usability. He generates wireframes while asleep and eats Photoshop files as breakfast.

He designed our site + logo, which says more than enough.

- Jelle C


In a previous life he created in 1998 a content management system dCMS for Duo nv, later he used rWorks a Java based system and finally decided with help from Howest to create a complete new CMS built in Javascript from ground up. Cody was born.

He still is the man behind your favourite website to share your wish lists and the organizer of

- Johan C


Jonas worked for years at a multi modal route planner. His work can be seen in action on Railtime the smartphone app.

He's our npm package maintainer and so much more.

- Jonas M


Our local Magento guru

The responsable of our free hosting facilities.


Tim has a degree in Computer science from the Brussels Free University and is completing his last master year. He is our computer language expert with special interest in dynamic languages.

Tim is also the author of SynerJ, web developer of and working on CloudTypes and Eventual Consistency.

Soon he'll leave us to work at the Microsoft Research Center in Redmond.