Cody CMS
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Cody is a platform created to build websites and web applications. It is multi language from ground up (what did you expect from Belgians having 3 offical languages in a country of good 10 million people).

It is aimed at 2 target audiences: web masters and web developers.

Interesting for the developers is, that Cody is written in a modern language: Javascript and build on top of a modern and ultra fast webserver: Node.js. Javascript is a very powerfull object oriented language, used by Google, Microsoft and Apple to build their latest app- and servlets. Freed from an aging php, this ecosystem is embraced by lot's of developers, even Wordpress founders have rebuild their newest blogging platform using exactly these same techniques: Node.js and Javascript.

Web developers can easily change their (rich) content, include images and files, add pages and subpages. They have a library where they can upload their images and files to be used in web pages. And last but not least there is a multi language Form builder with client and server side input validation.

Ofcourse Cody is build to be extendable. Developers knowing Javascript can add their own Views, their own Content types, their own Controllers and when needed Models. They can build complete webapps using the same language for server and client side programming. The resulting applications can be deployed on their own servers or hosted in the cloud.

Cody is also build for speed. Normal webpages are served without any disk IO, no database access, no reading of html, css or image files. Static file content is cached and although there is a SQL backing store for all content and structure, most of it is read into memory at startup. Only while working in the backoffice there is some database interaction.